Entity Selection and Formation

Cloppert, Latanick, Sauter & Washburn are Columbus, Ohio, lawyers experienced in small business law regarding entity selection and formation.

In Ohio, there are a number of ways to structure your business. Your choice of legal entity for your business has a variety of consequences involving liability, taxation, statutory requirements and level of control.

Available business entities in Ohio include, but are not limited to:

  • For-profit corporations
  • Nonprofit corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • Professional associations
  • Limited liability companies

At Cloppert, Latanick, Sauter & Washburn, we assist clients in discussing and navigating the options to choose the entity that best suits their particular needs, as the formation of the business can have tremendous impact on various issues including tax liability and control.

We prepare the required documents for filing with the Ohio Secretary of State and other agencies and prepare the appropriate governing documents for the selected entity. Each business entity has specific legal requirements, and our attorneys assist our clients in complying with the complex statutes and regulations.

If you are an entrepreneur or startup and need a Columbus, Ohio, small business attorney regarding the formation and entity selection of your new business, contact Cloppert, Latanick, Sauter & Washburn today for an initial case consultation.