Wrongful Death

Cloppert, Latanick, Sauter & Washburn is a Columbus, Ohio, law firm with expertise in wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases.

A death or catastrophic injury caused by someone else’s negligence is a life-changing experience that can subject the victim or victim’s family to an overwhelming array of difficult decisions regarding medical care, medical bills and, in the case of catastrophic injuries, lost earning capacity and the need for continuing medical treatment.

Our attorneys at Cloppert, Latanick, Sauter & Washburn have experience handling wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases. We understand that providing care and compassion—along with our traditional role as legal advocates—can often allow the injured person and their family a greater chance of physical and emotional recovery.

Nothing can prepare a person for the pain associated with a loved one’s death or serious injury. We know that a key to receiving the deserved compensation for the injury or death is examining every detail of the injury or death to properly investigate its cause. We will work with you to tell your story of your loss and show how your life has changed since the harm occurred. We will explain to the negligent party’s insurance company or jury how the injured person and their family have been affected financially and emotionally, and whether future care is needed.

If you have suffered a loss due to wrongful death or a catastrophic injury and need an experienced Columbus, Ohio, litigation attorney, contact Cloppert, Latanick, Sauter & Washburn today for a complimentary case consultation.