Home Remodeling Disputes

If you are faced with a home remodeling or general contractor dispute, the Columbus, Ohio, lawyers at Cloppert, Latanick, Sauter & Washburn are your home remodeling dispute attorneys.

Because we live in an era when our rights as consumers are under constant attack, over time, a number of laws (Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act, Ohio Lemon Law, Truth in Lending Act, Ohio Prepaid Entertainment Contract Act, etc.) have been passed that are designed to help consumers who have been targeted by unsavory salespersons or contractors.

Cloppert, Latanick, Sauter & Washburn can help remedy disputes between owners and home improvement contractors. If you have been the victim of a home remodeler or contractor who has performed unsatisfactory or incomplete work, you may have a number of legal options under the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act or other relevant laws that will allow you hold the contractor responsible for the poor or incomplete workmanship.

If you have a dispute with a contractor for your home remodel, contact the Columbus, Ohio, attorneys at Cloppert, Latanick, Sauter & Washburn for a complimentary case consultation.